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I'm sure all y'all already saw over at conan_obrien but I'll post about it here anyways since I think I have been a leader in nagging people about whether they knew anything about these yet:
Tonight Show tickets are now available!!!

They ask that you email with 4 dates you'd like to attend, in order of preference, in addition to all your contact info and blood type and all that. Good luck getting tickets, everyone!!

(Also feel free to delete this if it's gonna need to go in a stickyguide thing or whatevz!)
i say

Journal Header Wanted! No pay!

~*~*Header Needed!!*~*~

If anyone would like to make a header for this community, that would be cool. And since I'm assuming there will be more than one (I am an optimist), the headers will be rotated every month or so. There's no deadline on this.

Maximum dimensions are 800x350.

EXTRA CREDIT!!: Make some community icons as well! And a banner for the userinfo!

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